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Name: Minda

Nicknames: Min

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Rated as a boy/girl/doesn't matter: Girl Preferable, but either is acceptable

Height: 5'6 and 1/2

Birthday: 7/1

Zodiac Sign: Cancer

[ personality ]
Strong Points: I have a very stong work ethic. I am very independent. I tend to be a very caring person, and
with that I am very friendly to just about anyone. I am also very outgoing. I aoutgoing so that I can be that friendly person.

Weak Points: I can be impatient sometimes and sometimes easily angered.

Likes: I like watching movies, playing in the snow, drawing, traveling, playing video games, going out
to dinner, and dancing.
Dislikes: Sexism, and cats

Pet Peeves: Discrimination of all kinds, Incorrect grammar. Yes, I am a grammar freak!

Talents: I don't really have any talents...Photoshopping and Dancing. Talking and typing abnormally fast according to my friends.

Mature or Immature?: Mostly mature unless with friends.

Leader or Follower?: Mostly a leader but I do have times in which I feel like following.

[ favorites ]
Favorite Color: Purple

Favorite Animal: puppies

Favorite Food: Canadian bacon and pineapple pizza

Favorite Season: Winter

Favorite Movie: Coyote Ugly

Favorite Book: Posion Study by Maria V. Snyder

[ Gilmore Girl questions ]
Favorite Gilmore Girls Season and why: Season 1. It was the beginning of everything!

Favorite Character from Gilmore Girls and why: Lorelai. I love Lorelai's quick witting dialogue, I love how they show her as a strong independent working mom willing to do anything for her kid. Finally I love her

Dislike any Gilmore Girl characters and why: Kirk. He was like a kid trapped in an adult body...and will
never grow up. Kirk always kind of creeped me out. Taylor always annoyed me because of his weird/dumb town decisions.

[ photos or brief description ]
Either one is okay.
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