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Where you lead, I will follow..

[ basics ]
Name: Gina
Nicknames: Mooch, Moochers, and G-unit (I had no choice in the latter.. unfortunately)
Age: 16
Gender: female
Rated as a boy/girl/doesn't matter: I don't really care :)
Height: um.. 5'4ish
Birthday: June 18th, 1990
Zodiac Sign: Gemini

[ personality ]
Strong Points: I generally have a very happy disposition.. and I'm very rarely in a mad mood. I get super excited really easily.. I'm a loyal friend and I'm a good listener.. and I'm really easy to get along with :)
Weak Points: Sometimes I can be really shy.. and I have a tendancy to say the wrong things at the wrong time.. especially when a friend is hurting.
Likes: Musical theater, reading, fruit, singing (for myself), drawing, journaling and being with people I love.
Dislikes: People with very closed minds, not open to new ideas. And needles, I hate needles.
Pet Peeves: When people throw their cigarette butts out their car windows..
Talents: I play the flute and the piccolo, and I draw. But when I always come to a mental block when it deals with faces, so many of my sketches are faceless. I've been told that I have a nice singing voice.. but I don't have enough courage to sing publicly.
Hobbies: Um, reading mostly. And, I'm constantly listening to music.. I like to hang out with my friends, too.
Mature or Immature?: Around people I don't know, I'd like to think I'm more mature, but put me in a room with my friends and I can get pretty immature (not in an extremely obnoxious way, though)
Leader or Follower?: I've always been taught to be a leader, and I like to think that I do lead, but I know I follow sometimes, too.

[ favorites ]
Favorite Color: Any color blue..
Favorite Animal: I really like oceanic animals, mostly dolphins and whales
Favorite Food: I really like fruit (not apples or pears..) And I'll never turn down a bowl of Mac & Cheese.
Favorite Season: Summer
Favorite Movie: I don't think I can pick one.. but I like RENT, Pirates of the Caribbean(s), and Moulin Rouge.
Favorite Book: Oh, please don't ask me to pick. My favorite author is Tamora Pierce, though. I really like her quartets (Firstly, the Song of the Lioness quartet, followed by The Immortals and then The Protector of the Small quartets) I just really like the way she can create and build such fantastic characters, and the fact that her main characters are female heroines.

[ Gilmore Girl questions ]
Favorite Gilmore Girls Season and why: I really like the first season best. I mean, I love watching all seasons, but the first is just so original and hilarious, and I could watch it always if I had too.
Favorite Character from Gilmore Girls and why: Lorelai.. I love the way her mind works and how easy it is for her to me witty and funny, and I love the references she uses.
Dislike any Gilmore Girl characters and why: I don't really like Jess.. but I can deal with him, I guess.

[ photos or brief description ]
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I'm on the far right :)

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Thanks!! ♥
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