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Where you lead, I will follow

I copied most of this from my Wicked app, so if I was subconsiously pushing for something there, then it deff won't be reflected here. =]

[ basics ]
Name: Cee
Nicknames: Princesa. 'Cause last fall, in Spanish class, the teacher was talking about raking leaves and I mentioned that I never rake leaves in my house, which caused him to ask me if I was a princess. And now my friends won't let go of it.
Age: 15
Gender: F
Rated as a boy/girl/doesn't matter: Preferably girl.
Height: 5' 4"
Birthday: 1/25
Zodiac Sign: Aquarius

[ personality ]
Strong Points: I'm incredibly ambitious and I really expect big things out of my life. I'm hard-working and I have a pretty creative mind. And I'm also a bit of a grammar Nazi.
Weak Points: I can be a bit hypocritical at times and I'm also a little high strung and impatient. I can also be kinda rude and demanding sometimes. I'm pretty lazy as well.
Likes: Like interest-wise? I'd say musicals, books, movies, TV, Starbucks, inside jokes, political humor, pop culture, ice cream, psychology, snarkyness. Wow, I went all over the place with that one.
Dislikes: I really, really hate arrogance. And "netspeak" is really annoying to me, as is narrow-mindedness and conceit.
Pet Peeves: Again, "netspeak" really annoys me. As does arrogance and intolerance.
Talents: I don't really have much talent, other than I'm rather smart. I do have the ability to speak abnormally fast, as I'm often told by my peers.
Hobbies: Movies, singing (even though I can't carry a tune), chatting, shopping, laughing, writing, etc.
Mature or Immature?: It really depends on the situation. When I'm out with my friends, I'll make a dirty joke out of anything. When I'm working on a project at school or something, then I'm all business.
Leader or Follower?: I'm definitely a leader. I'm good at inspiring people and getting work done. Plus, I usually know what I want and I'm rather too stubborn to be a follower.

[ favorites ]
Favorite Color: Pale blue
Favorite Animal: Penguin
Favorite Food: Anything Italian or Mexican. I'm also big on Starbucks ice cream and cotton candy.
Favorite Season: Fall
Favorite Movie: Drama - A Beautiful Mind, Comedy - Down With Love [I couldn't decide on just one =P]
Favorite Book: Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

[ Gilmore Girl questions ]
Favorite Gilmore Girls Season and why: Probably 3, it had such great moments in it. I loved the Rory/Jess and the season finale made me cry.
Favorite Character from Gilmore Girls and why: I love Lorelai. I wish I had her wit and cleverness. She's also incredibly courageous raising a kid by herself and accomplishing what she's done.
Dislike any Gilmore Girl characters and why: Taylor annoys the hell out of me. He's obnoxious and uncompromising. End of story.

[ photos or brief description ]
Either one is okay.
Ehh.. I'm very Chinese. But I get told that I look like Lane a lot.

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