Jamie (autumn1532) wrote in gg_rating,

This looks like so much fun! (Where you lead, I will follow...)

[Unknown LJ tag][ basics ]
Name: Jamie
Nicknames: James, Jame, Jamsie, Jamster, JP, Jam, Jamsies
Age: 15
Gender: Female
Rated as a boy/girl/doesn't matter: Girl, preferably
Height: 5"3
Birthday: August 1
Zodiac Sign: Leo

[ personality ]
Strong Points: Perfectionist, Hard-working, Pays attention to detail, Studious, Dedicated,
Weak Points: Perfectionist (it can fall under both, hey?), easily stressed out
Likes: school, friends, my family, talking to my mom, family vacations, graphic art
Dislikes: just people who cuss and do obscene things
Pet Peeves: Lazy people
Talents: Piano
Hobbies: Knitting, Reading, Scrapbooking
Mature or Immature?:  Definitely Mature for my age.
Leader or Follower?:  Leader

[ favorites ]
Favorite Color: I don't have one, it changes with my mood.
Favorite Animal: Dog
Favorite Food: Don't have one.
Favorite Season: Summer/Autumn. Summer for the clothes and the heat, Autumn for the clothes and the color.
Favorite Movie: A Walk To Remember
Favorite Book: This is SO tough! I could tell you a MILLION! But I'll have to say "To Kill a Mockingbird"

[ Gilmore Girl questions ]
Favorite Gilmore Girls Season and why: Season 2, Jess and Rory's kiss at Sookie's Wedding is my favourite kiss I've ever seen.
Favorite Character from Gilmore Girls and why: Rory, because I'd love to be best friends with her in real life.
Dislike any Gilmore Girl characters and why: Jackson gets a bit annoying...
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